Official download page for ACR Phone Helper (APH). Companion app for call recording functionality of ACR Phone by NLL APPS

Download ACR Phone Helper (APH) Magisk Module for Android 10+

Download APH Magisk Module from NLL Apps

Rooted phones can install APH Magisk Module. APH Magisk Module provides real two-way call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones. Please make sure to uninstall normal APH before installing APH Magisk Module.

Due to risks associated with rooting, we do not provide root support or help rooting your phone. If you are able to root your phone, you should know how to install APH Magisk Modules with Magisk app. Once installed, simply reboot your phone to activate.

Download ACR Phone Helper (APH) for Android 10+

ACR Phone Helper (APH) works together with ACR Phone. Download ACR Phone from Google Play Store if you have not installed it yet.

Please do not forget to rate ACR Phone once you are happy. Many people blaming Google's policy change on us and simply giving 1 star reviews without contacting us. Our hands are tied. Google Play Store Policies are so strict, we cannot even mention APH in ACR Phone let alone linking to APH download page.


Install & Setup

ACR Phone Helper (APH) is only required for Android 10 and above. Once installation completed start ACR Phone Helper to set it up.


Direct download no longer available

Google seems to be committed to stop call recording. They have restricted Accessibility Service usage on Google Play Store and placed it behind an install time permission called "android.permission.ACCESS_RESTRICTED_SETTINGS" for sideloaded apps on Android 13.
To overcome this restriction, we created APH and published it with ACCESS_RESTRICTED_SETTINGS permission. However, it appears that this workaround is no longer effective on Android 14, as side-loaded apps are unable to activate Accessibility Service at all.
On Android 14, in order to use Accessibility Service, apps must be installed from a store that utilizes a specific Android API called PackageInstaller.Session. Therefore, we had to create our own app store, allowing users to download and sideload it, then install APH through NLL Store. While this process may seem cumbersome, it is currently the only way.


Accessibility service issues

Please note that some phones have aggressive power management features and can turn off APH Accessibility Service. Try following if you get notifications about Accessibility Service being disabled.
  • Enable Notification option in APH
  • Add APH to protected apps (see for how to)
  • Do not close ACR from recent apps screen by swiping away or clearing your phone's memory



ACR Phone: You can continue to update ACR Phone from Google Play Store.

ACR Phone Helper (APH): APH will automatically check updates and inform you about new updates.



You should only use our official website to download ACR Phone Helper (APH) to make sure it is the right app.


Source code

In the interest of transparency, we have published source code of APH at



Starting from 11th May 2022 Google Play Store has banned Accessibility Service usage for call recording. In order to overcome this limitation, we have created a companion app for of ACR Phone called ACR Phone Helper (APH). You simply continue installing ACR Phone from Google Play Store and install ACR Phone Helper (APH) to activate call recording as before.

ACR Phone would only record silent audio without ACR Phone Helper (APH) and would warn you about its limitation.

Please note that ACR Phone is not just a call recorder. While call recording may be seen as its main feature due to our previous call recording app ACR Call Recorder (legacy). It is one of many features of ACR Phone. Please explore rest of its features at


Call recording quality

ACR Phone with ACR Phone Helper (APH) cannot improve call recording quality but prevents silent recording. Try below options for best possible call recording.

  • Remove any other call recording apps and turn off legacy ACR Call Recorder if it is still installed.
  • Try changing Audio Encoder in Recording settings.
  • Try adjusting Recording Audio Gain under Call Recording Settings
  • Try enabling loud speaker to see if it helps.
  • Make sure you are not using any headphones of Bluetooth headset.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi calling is not enabled.
  • Open Accessibility Settings of your phone and toggle ACR Phone Helper (APH) off and then on again.
  • Keep ACR Phone on the screen. Some phones can only record when ACR Phone is on the screen and screen is on.
  • Do not close ACR Phone and ACR Phone Helper (APH) from recent app and apply settings from
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if above information doesn’t help. This issue will be same with all call recording apps.


Call Recording Support by install source and Android version

Android version ACR Phone with APH ACR Phone ACR Phone with APH Magisk Module
Normal calls
7-8 APH not needed. Use ACR Phone Real two-way call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones APH not needed. Use ACR Phone
9 APH not needed. Use ACR Phone Call recording from microphone or loud speaker Real two-way call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones
10+ Call recording from microphone or loud speaker Silent audio recording. Use APH Real two-way call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones
SIP calls
APH not needed. Use ACR Phone for real two-way call recording including Bluetooth/Headphones